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Winter in Russia is very long and cold. From pagan times Russians celebrate a special holiday. They say goodbye to Winter and ask Spring to come. This holiday lasts for a week from the end of February till the beginning of March.
The name of the holiday is Maslenitsa.

Maslenitsa is an abbreviated form of Russian for 'butter week' and was first recorded as such in the 500s AD. Each of the days of the celebration feature such things as masquerade parties, visiting friends, sleigh rides and any form of merriment. Often, specific activities were assigned to the days such as a day to visit one's grandparents. The main symbol of Maslenitsa are pancakes (blini) because they are warm, round and golden. Mostly all families cook blini and eat them with fish, cavier, sour cream, honey, butter etc.

For the last 15 years I'm involved into preparations for Maslianitsa during all winter season. Together with my friends we find the place outside Moscow in the forest and build there a big snow fortress (symbol of winter), snow sculptures, snow maze etc.

We call our holiday - Bakshevskaya Maslenitsa.

You are welcome to see the best photos from the last holiday in 2009!

Зима в Росии долгая-долгая и холодная. Приходится Весну каждый год зазывать, а зиму провожать. Целую неделю россияне пекут блины, поют специальные песни, водят хороводы. Называется этот праздник - Масляная неделя или Масляница.
У нас с друзьями есть своя масляница - Бакшевская.

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